Let’s Paint the Stairs PINK!


This October, The Fitness Center will be celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month by selling pink ribbons to hang from our stairwells. All proceeds will go to Moms on the Run, a major sponsor of our Cancer Rehabilitation Program.

Moms on the Run is “a non-profit organization raising funds to assist northern Nevada women with everyday living expenses to help off-set medical expenses incurred while in treatment for breast & gynecological cancers.” Every month they provide scholarships to our Cancer Rehabilitation Program to women who could otherwise not afford it.

By providing these scholarships, these women are participate in our program lead by certified Cancer Exercise Specialists. These classes focus on regaining strength, rang of motion, balance and other aspects that cancer and its treatments may affect. Exercise after a cancer diagnosis can be very different and survivors should initially work with a trainer who specializes in the side effects to watch for. Below are three things that a Personal Trainer may not know, that a Cancer Exercise Specialist would:

  1. Knowledge of multiple types of cancers and the effect on the body: Cancer Exercise Specialists are trained to work with multiple types of cancers and how they, and their treatments, affect the function of the human body. A Personal Trainer may not understand the risk of lymphedema after certain treatments and the proper way to exercise to reduce this risk.
  2. Knowledge of the impairments that can follow a cancer diagnosis and its treatments: Often times survivors have decreased range of motion due to scar tissue build up, are at risk for or have developed lymphedema, suffer from peripheral neuropathy, and experience extreme fatigue. All of these can decrease a survivor ability to complete activities of daily living, but a Cancer Exercise Specialist is trained to work with survivors to reduce their side effects.
  3. Ability to screen and refer out when needed: A Cancer Exercise Specialist has the ability to screen for and notice complications such as lymphedema, axillary cording and significant range of motion loss. A Personal Trainer may lack the ability and knowledge to screen for these impairments and therefore not refer out to a Physical Therapist in a timely manner.

To purchase a ribbon and support Moms on the Run stop by our Service Desk during the month of October.

  • What: Supporting Moms on the Run by purchasing a pink ribbon
  • Where: Saint Mary’s Fitness Center; ribbons will be hung in the stairwell during the month of October
  • How: suggested donation of $1/ribbon; write your loved one’s name on the ribbon if you like

To learn more about Moms on the Run and learn other ways you can support them, you can go to their web site at http://momsontherun.info/

Also, every year on Mother’s Day, Moms on the Run hosts their annual footrace. Keep an eye for more information on this event and how you can join the Saint Mary’s team.